Take Our Quiz | What’s Your Leadership Style?

Take Our Quiz | What’s Your Leadership Style? was originally published on Idealist Careers.

Two men sitting on a bench talking, illustrations of light bulbs and an upward arrow. | Take Our Quiz | What's Your Leadership Style?

While we may not all be leaders in the sense that we’re managing a team or running an organization, we all possess certain habits and instincts when we’re presented with an opportunity to lead, be it as a project manager, a volunteer, a parent or friend, or a proactive voice within an organization. So, when you find yourself in those situations, how do you handle the responsibilities and the pressures? What types of leadership styles make up your identity and attitude as a leader?

Take this quiz to understand more about your leadership leanings, and to learn how to call on a variety of styles in order to become a more impactful leader, no matter where you lead or who you’re leading.

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