How to market your diversity in your job search

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A diversity hire is a person with a minority or underrepresented background employed in an organization. Though a
diversity hire is employed to improve diversity and inclusion in the company, it does not mean that the person is
favored solely because of their background; they are also very qualified and have the skills required by the employer.

Most organizations today hire for diversity, not just because diversity and inclusion have become very important
workplace trends, but because studies have shown that companies stand to gain more when they have a diverse team. A
study showed that diverse companies make more money, about 2.5 times higher per
employee. Another study showed that
those with a diverse management team boosted revenue by 19% compared to companies with less diverse teams.

When searching for a job, embracing your diverse background and marketing yourself as a diverse candidate can give you
an advantage. Individuals with diverse backgrounds are known to bring unique perspectives or outlooks to an
organization, with a wider range of skills, talents, and experiences. You can also better understand and cater to the
needs of customers who require your particular experience. There are several ways you can present yourself as a
candidate and here we’ll look at some of these ways.

Understand your unique value proposition

As a job seeker, present what you have to offer to potential employers with a great personal value proposition
statement. Your personal statement will highlight your skills, strengths, accomplishments, and what’s unique about
You can talk about how your background as a minority or underrepresented group has helped your understanding of
workplace diversity and how your experiences can add value to the organization, especially in its diversity programs
initiatives. Also, do your research about the company and the role advertised, and talk about how you’ll contribute to
the organization.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your diversity

Your resume is usually your first introduction to the hiring manager. Make sure your resume is ATS-friendly and
the necessary information about your experiences as well as your background. Talk about how your diverse background
shaped who you are and the skills you have developed, such as problem-solving, crisis management, critical thinking,
other skills useful in the workplace. Take a look at the company’s DEI Statement and mention in your cover letter that
you value the diversity and inclusion areas they are paying attention to. You can also use keywords that align with
company’s vision and mission.

Leverage your network

According to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Leveraging your network is one of the best
ways to find a job. Your network which includes members of your community, classmates, and acquaintances can tell you
about opportunities or refer you to places. Your alumni groups and professors can also be helpful when you need
references and recommendations. Networking events such as job fairs, career fairs, and seminars that cater to diverse
candidates also provide useful information and connections for your job search.

Showcase your diversity in your personal branding

Your personal brand is important to your job search because your brand shows who you are and the values you bring to a
workplace. Most people today build a brand online, and you can showcase your diversity with your story, your area of
expertise, and your authentic self. You can leverage social media platforms to present your personal brand and share
your stories about your background and experiences. You can also share content, events, and information that are
to diversity and inclusion.

Be confident in your interviews

Getting an interview means you have beaten many other candidates who also applied for the position and adequate
preparation for your interviews will improve your chances of getting the job. Prepare for interviews by researching
company, practicing interview questions with a friend, and having samples of your work ready to show during the
interview. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) to provide specific examples of how you have
contributed to diverse teams and situations. Adequate preparation will boost your confidence when you go in for the

As a diverse candidate, your diversity can be your advantage if you present your skills and experiences in a way that
will attract employers. You can successfully show that you have what it takes through your value proposition, resume,
your personal brand, and during the interview, and ultimately bring value to potential employers.

By VidCruiter
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